Introducing the BONFLAG Second Air Series: The ‘1-Person Tactical Air Sofa’

  • Compact Size and Portability The BONFLAG 1-Person Air Sofa is designed for easy portability with its compact size. Its lightweight construction and simple setup make it a convenient and comfortable resting spot wherever you go.

  • Home-like Comfort Experience ultimate comfort with the ergonomic design that perfectly supports your body. Enjoy relaxing moments at home, the campsite, the beach, the park, and more.

  • Safety and Durability The BONFLAG 1-Person Air Sofa is crafted with upgraded Oxford 1000D fabric, prioritizing safety and durability. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting use.

  • Easy Setup and Deflation with Air Pump The included air pump allows for quick and easy inflation and deflation, making the air sofa incredibly user-friendly.

  • Includes Ground Sheet The included ground sheet protects the sofa from dirt and damage. The versatile design and excellent performance of the ground sheet make it useful in various situations, such as picnics, camping, and other outdoor activities.

  • Environmentally Friendly Materials Made with eco-friendly materials, the air sofa is designed for longevity and minimizes environmental impact upon disposal.

  • Unique Design and Stylish Look The BONFLAG 1-Person Air Sofa features a sleek and unique design, offering a distinct style. Its stylish yet functional design makes it stand out in any setting.

BONFLAG prioritizes convenience, enjoyment, and safety for all camping enthusiasts in the design and production of our products.

In addition to its functional aspects, we strive to offer our products at reasonable prices by minimizing distribution processes and designing in-house.

With its unique design and style, the BONFLAG 1-Person Air Sofa differentiates itself from traditional camping gear, offering a distinct charm. Its versatile features and high durability make it suitable for any environment, ensuring a pleasant and comfortable camping experience. Enjoy your outdoor adventures with the BONFLAG 1-Person Air Sofa.


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