Introducing the fourth camping gear series from BONFLAG, the 'Chopsticks Rest.'

While camping offers various pleasures, savoring delicious food is arguably one of the greatest joys. To enhance this enjoyment without any disturbance and allow for neat use of utensils, we have launched the 'Chopsticks Rest.'

The BONFLAG 'Chopsticks Rest' boasts a unique style with BONFLAG's distinctive lettering and a tactical feel in its design, setting it apart from other products. How about adding a tactical touch to your dining table? The sophisticated design will be a crucial element in decorating your dining experience.

With a lightweight of 60g, it can be carried anywhere, and the design with spacious slots ensures the safe storage of utensils. Despite its lightweight, it is made of sturdy aluminum alloy, ensuring durability. Produced domestically, it excels in both longevity and quality. Furthermore, to provide it at a reasonable price, we have minimized distribution processes and designed it in-house.

The unique design, style, lightweight, and robust durability will elevate your dining experience. We hope you enjoy a fantastic and stylish camping experience with the 'BONFLAG Chopsticks Rest' at the campsite.


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