Introducing Bonflag's third camping product series, the 'Shelf Container Handle.' Shelf containers have become an essential item for many camping enthusiasts. Bonflag has gone beyond the role of simple storage and designed the 'Shelf Container Handle' with a unique design and excellent grip, enhancing its versatility.

The 'Bonflag Shelf Container Handle' features Bonflag's distinctive lettering and a tactical feel in its design, boasting a unique style that sets it apart from other products. How about transforming the conventional shelf container handle into something tactical? A sophisticated design will be a significant point in decorating your shelf container uniquely.

(Compatible with Snow Peak's Shelf Container)

Not only in design but also in grip, the 'Bonflag Shelf Container Handle' excels. Weighing just 0.29kg per side, it is very lightweight, but it provides a reassuring stability when held in your hand. Additionally, the grooves in the center of the handle serve as both a stylish design element and prevent any potential slipping.

The 'Bonflag Shelf Container Handle' is a domestically produced product made of stainless steel, ensuring sturdiness, durability, and exceptional quality. To offer the product at a reasonable price, we have minimized distribution processes and relied on in-house design.

With its unique design, style, comfortable grip, anti-slip features, and strong durability, the 'Bonflag Shelf Container Handle' will elevate your shelf container to the next level. We hope you have a stylish and enjoyable camping experience with 'Bonflag Shelf Container Handle' at the campsite.


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