Introducing Bonflag's third camping product, the '25L Container Lid.' Shelf containers have become an essential item for many camping enthusiasts. Bonflag has gone beyond the role of simple storage and designed the '25L Container Lid' with unique features and a distinct design to enhance its versatility.

(Compatible with Snow Peak's Shelf Container) 

The 'Bonflag 25L Container Lid' offers various functions and conveniences. Designed with Bonflag's distinctive lettering and a tactical feel, it boasts a unique style that sets it apart from other products. Additionally, there are holes on the sides of the lid for hanging or storing various convenience items and accessories, making it even more efficient to use the shelf container.

The 'Bonflag 25L Container Lid' is also hinged, providing versatility. When the lid is closed, it securely protects stored items and can be used as a table or loading space. Conversely, when the lid is opened and unfolded to the sides, it can be used as a small personal table, with the shelf container in the center.

Bonflag prioritizes the convenience, enjoyment, and safety of all camping enthusiasts. We have diligently applied these principles to the '25L Container Lid' as well.

Manufactured domestically using stainless steel, the product is robust and durable with exceptional quality. To offer the product at a reasonable price, we have minimized distribution processes and relied on in-house design.

With its unique design, style, versatile features, and strong durability, the 'Bonflag 25L Container Lid' is a camping equipment that boasts alluring qualities. We hope you have a fantastic and enjoyable camping experience with this product, looking stylish and having fun at the campsite.


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