Introducing Bonflag's Second Camping Product - 2-Person Tactical Air Sofa

For a comfortable camping experience, Bonflag brings the sofa to the campsite with our '2-Person Tactical Air Sofa.'

Built with stability in mind, it can support up to 300kg despite its lightweight design, weighing only 8.5kg. Constructed from eco-friendly PVC and Oxford 600D materials, this sofa boasts exceptional durability.

Ease of use is a priority. You can quickly and effortlessly set it up using an air pump to inflate it, and deflation is just as easy using the same pump.

If you lay a groundsheet and install the sofa on top, it prevents the sofa's base from getting dirty. The design of the sheet is excellent, allowing it to double as a tent floor cover when you place the sofa inside the tent.

The 2-Person Tactical Air Sofa from Bonflag offers both functionality and convenience, setting it apart from other products. We've printed Bonflag's distinctive lettering on the sofa to give it a tactical feel, and it features a molle system for versatile accessory usage, making the sofa more convenient and personalized.

At Bonflag, we prioritize the convenience, enjoyment, and safety of all campers, and we have made every effort to embody these principles in our '2-Person Tactical Air Sofa.'

We've not only focused on the functional aspects but also kept the price competitive by minimizing distribution processes and designing in-house.

With its unique design, style, versatility, and robust durability, this air sofa offers an enjoyable and comfortable camping experience in any environment.

We hope you have a joyful and comfortable camping experience with our 2-Person Tactical Air Sofa.


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